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Amortizer d.o.o. is a family-run company from Slovenia, Europe, established by Drago Turnsek at the beginning of the year 1985. Reorganization in the company was made after 20 years, when the leadership took over her daughter Tina Turnsek.

The name of company  »AMORTIZER«  means »SHOCK ABSORBER« in Slovenian language.

The main business in the company is production, construction and service of all kind of shock absorbers: for personal vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, buses, railway and industry. We are specialized in small series, for known customer. Our advantages are knowledge and flexibility. One of the most referential clients and long standing partners of our company are Slovenian railways (Slovenske železnice), Ljubljana’s city public transport (Ljubljanski potniški promet), Renault Nissan Slovenija d.o.o., etc.

For almost 20 years now we successfully cooperate with our German partner, Heinrich Eibach GmbH, the best producer of sport springs. In our motorcycle segment we cooperate with Swedish company, Öhlins. In segment of air suspension systems is our partner Driverite Ltd from Ireland.



Chief Executive: Tina Turnšek

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